There is one nail trend that keeps popping up all over our social media feeds. It’s animal print nails. All the fashion girls are wearing it, and so are their nail techs. They can’t seem to get enough of it, and neither can we. We have Kendall Jenner to thank, in part, for this trend. But honestly, the animal print nail trend has taken on a life of its own at this point. Here our favorite animal print nail designs.

Zebra Print Nails

As we mentioned earlier, Kendall Jenner jumpstarted this trend. Kendall sported a French manicure with zebra print on her Instagram Story and it went viral. Fashion girls have been copying the look all over IG.


For our DIY-ers, you can dupe the look with press-on nails. These zebra print nails are from @nailmailbykhlo.

Animal Print Nails

Cow Print Nails

We can’t even describe how obsessed we are with
‘s cow print nails. @thehotblend used The GelBottle Inc’s BIAB 19 and BrillBird’s Brush and Go Gel 01 and 02.

Animal Print Nails

These animal print nails from @annagracenails_ have a little bit of everything. For this look, she used Naturabuild Nude, Oud and Pampas from Glossify and Woody and Caramel from The GelBottle Inc.

Animal Print Nails

This look from @jazzynailsx also has a little bit of everything–cow and zebra print. @jazzynailsx created the look using The GelBottle Inc’s Au Naturale and Daisy.

Animal Print Nails

Which animal print would you wear? Zebra or cow print nails? Let us know in the comments.