With some places legalizing marijuana, the new trend seems to be incorporating weed into, well, everything. There are CBD-infused oils, CBD-infused creams and even CBD-infused gummies. Cannabis, sativa and CBD are all buzzwords right now so it’s not surprising that they’ve made their way into makeup. But are they really good or is cannabis-infused makeup just the newest snake oil that the beauty community is pushing? The answer is a firm…maybe. There has not been any large-scale clinical trials on the effects of cannabis on skin, but some of the prelim research shows that it helps with skin inflammation, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, and more.

One brand is full-speed ahead on the trend. Makeup Revolution has a whole collection of cannabis-infused makeup called Good Vibes. The Makeup Revolution Good Vibes collection includes:

  • Forever Flawless Chilled with cannabis sativa Shadow Palette, Forever Flawless Chilled Shadow Palette is an 18-pan eyeshadow palette and is priced at $15. The eyeshadow colors are:
    • Hybrid (silver shimmer)
    • Goddess (emerald green shimmer)
    • Dope (olive green shimmer)
    • Plant (matte emerald green)
    • Acapulco (gold shimmer)
    • Calm (champagne gold shimmer)
    • Huff (bronze shimmer)
    • Leaf (matte green)
    • Bud (dark emerald green shimmer)
    • Candyland (mint green shimmer)
    • Sativa (purple shimmer)
    • Cool (matte red)
    • Natural(matte green)
    • Haze (green shimmer)
    • Mist (gold shimmer)
    • Burn (matte brown)
    • Relax (matte beige)
    • Exhale (light pink shimmer)
  • Blowout Mascara with cannabis sativa. Blowout Mascara is priced at $10.
  • High Brow Gel with cannabis sativa. High Brow Gel is priced at $7 and comes in three shades:
    • Ash Brown
    • Medium Brown
    • Dark Brown
  • Good Vibes Lash Primer. The Good Vibes Lash Primer is priced at $8.
  • Good Vibes Brow Mascara with cannabis sativa Clear. Good Vibes Brow Mascara is $7.

While the Good Vibes collection doesn’t tout any benefits specific to cannabis, if you’re a CBD fanatic, this might be the collection for you. The Good Vibes collection is available online at Makeup Revolution and Ulta Beauty.