You’ve probably seen a lot of nail posts filling up your timeline lately. Nails have become the new aesthetic post, next to coffee, that is. White nails, in particular, are filling up our feed. From nail techs to fashion girls, everyone is showing off their latest set of white nails. Here are the coolest white nails we’ve seen this season. Plus, we have a few tips to help you get the look.

White Abstract Nail Art

Abstract nail art is trending on social media. We’ve seen abstract nail art all over our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. All the fashion girls are doing aesthetic posts with abstract nail art. White abstract nail art is the most common. And we totally get it! White abstract nail art fits the whole minimalistic theme that’s popular among fashion girls. White abstract nails look great when scrolling through a feed or on your timeline. It’s simple and sophisticated.

If you want to try the abstract nail art trend but shy away from color, try white abstract nail art. It’s classy and age-appropriate for everyone. Here are few photos of white abstract nails to inspire you.

White Nails
White Nails

White Line Nail Art

We probably could have merged this under abstract nail art, but line nail art is a big deal on its own. We’re seeing line nail designs all over our timeline. Fashion girls are opting for natural nails, a clear coat, and abstract lines.

You can also wear line nail designs on acrylics. We’ve seen fashion girls wear it this way as well. Almond acrylic nails and line nail designs are popular. We’ve also seen some IT girls, such as nail techs, sporting coffin-shaped line nail designs.

White line nail art is subtle. White nail art designs have an air of sophistication. Fashion girls pair it with dainty or thick gold rings and watches. It fits the minimalist aesthetic that’s popular among the IG elite.

Here is some inspiration to help you try this trend.

We love that @iramshelton used her natural nails for this white nail design. She used Glossify’s Bright White and Milky White.

White Nails

White Swirl Nails

We think this trend may have started with makeup. At the beginning of this year, all the beauty gurus of IG were wearing swirl makeup art. Now it seems the trend has spilled over into nails. All the nail techs we follow on social media are wearing swirl nails. White swirl nails, especially, are popular among nail techs.

Acrylic white swirl nails are very trendy. As for the nail shape, we’ve seen both almond and square-shaped white swirl nails. It’s a classy alternative for those that want to try abstract nail art that’s subtle.

Here are a few photos of white swirl nails to inspire you.

White Nails

For these white nails, @annagracenails_ used Naturabuild Nude, Milky White and Bright White from Glossify.

White Nails

For her white nails, @brushedbyleah_ used GelBottle Inc’s Daisy, Diana, and Gel Pot 3.

White Nails

White Animal Print Nails

Thanks to a member of the Kardashian clan, animal print nails have made a comeback. Model and reality star Kendall Jenner sported zebra print nails on her Instagram story. IG girls have been duping the style left and right. Since then, we’ve seen every type of animal print imaginable in our feed.

White animal print nails are a rarity on Instagram, but it’s our personal favorite. Here is one that we can’t get over.

White Nails

How do you feel about these white nail designs? Are you going to try them or is a hard pass? Let us know in the comments.