The internet has been speculating for months that Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson orchestrated the drama between Tati Westbrook and James Charles.

For those that don’t remember, last year Tati Westbrook had a very public fallout with friend and fellow Youtuber James Charles. The drama started over James doing an ad for SugarBearHair, which is a competitor to Tati’s company Halo Beauty. Tati shared a tearful story on Instagram where she talked about being used. Many speculated that she was talking about James Charles. Tati confirmed the rumors in her since-deleted Youtube video Bye Sister. (There’s a shorter version of the original video here.) In the video, Tati called out James for using her. She also made allegations about harassment . Jeffree Star jumped in and made a few allegations of his own on Twitter. James fired back at both of them in his video No More Lies. After that, all sides called a truce. But old wounds were reopened after Shane Dawson released a trailer for his documentary The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. Critics accused Shane and Jeffree of using the drama between James and Tati to promote their Jeffree Star Cosmetics collaboration, Conspiracy. Since then, there has been speculation that Jeffree and Shane played a bigger role in the rift between Tati and James. In an explosive video, Tati confirmed it.

In the video, Tati apologizes to James for her video Bye Sister. She then talks about her relationships with James Charles and Jeffree Star. Tati makes a tearful apology to Jackie Aina for not siding with her after Jeffree’s feud with Jackie. Then, Tati details how Jeffree manipulated her. She claims he and Shane fed her information about James.

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Shane calls Tati out on his IG live as he watches her Breaking My Silence video.

Shane Dawson’s fiancĂ©, Ryland, also had some choice words to say about Tati after watching her video.