Rihanna is proving once again that she’s all about inclusivity. The newest Fenty Skin teaser, touting the motto The New Culture of Skincare, features a diverse cast. The promo features, of course, Fenty Skin founder Rihanna herself. Rappers Lil Nas X and ASAP Rocky also make cameo appearances. In the days leading up to the teaser, Rihanna has been re-tweeting her male fans assuring them that her skincare line is for them as well. Rihanna including her male friends Lil Nas X and ASAP Rocky shows that she definitely wants men to cop some Fenty Skin too.

The teaser also features Fenty Beauty regulars, plus-size model Paloma Elsesser and hijabi beauty Amina Adan showing that Rihanna really wants all our coins. No one is exempt.

The video also confirmed at least one of the alleged names we talked about in our last Fenty Skin post, Fat Water. Fat Water is supposedly the name of the Fenty Skin toner. The alleged names of the cleanser and moisturizer are Total Cleanser and Day Cream. We definitely will see these three in the July 31st launch.

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