We’re not quite sure what to call this look. Some call it pop of color, others pop of neon. There’s also inner corner eye makeup. Whatever it is, we’re literally obsessed and we’ve got some tips to help you pull off this look with ease.

Add Some Base

Before adding your pop of color, apply an eyeshadow, primer, or concealer close to your natural skin color. For fair skintones, you can use a peach or tan eyeshadow. @romaneinnc used the shade Tan Matte from Huda Beauty Pastel Obsessions in Mint on her eyelid. Watch her tutorial to see how she she did it.

Inner Corner Eye Makeup
Inner Corner Eye Makeup

For medium skintones, you can use brown shades like @yanissaxoxo. @yanissaxoxo did two dope pop of color looks. For the first one, she used the shades Dirty Tan and Shady from bPerfect x Jah Makeup Artist Clientele Palette.

For deep skintones, you can use concealer or an eyeshadow base close to your natural skin color.

In and Out

Add your pop of color to the inner and outer corners of your eyes like @diana.kravv, @romaneinnc and @yanissaxoxo. You can also use eyeliner around your eyeshadow to give your look some extra flair like @diana.kravv.


Keep It Simple

Remember you want the focus to be on your eyes, so keep the rest of makeup simple and natural. For your lips, you can keep them bare like @jessyluxe. Or you can try a lip gloss or muted pink lipstick like @irisloveunicorns. You can try a soft e-girl look like @rachelteetyler by adding blush, faux freckles and a bit of highlighter on the tip of your nose. Her look is still natural, but has a little bit extra to keep it interesting. To up the ante, line your bottom lash with your pop of color like @shaileezala did.

Inner Corner Eye Makeup

Which pop of color look was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!