Morphe has been facing criticism over its involvement with Jeffree Star after Tati Westbrook claimed that Jeffree Star was a co-owner of the company. Although Morphe denied that claim, many in the beauty community have been calling for the brand to cut ties with Jeffree Star. Some beauty influencers, including Jackie Aina, deactivated their Morphe discount codes to protest the brand’s continual support of Jeffree Star. Today, the brand announced that they were ending their business relationship with the controversial beauty mogul.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which is owned by Jeffree Star, said this in response to Morphe’s decision:

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Dear Star Family…

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The move to cut ties with Jeffree Star isn’t surprising. Over the years, Jeffree Star has been plagued with scandals. He’s been criticized for making racist and anti-semitic remarks. He’s had feuds with prominent black beauty Youtubers including MakeupShayla and Jackie Aina. Although, to be fair, he’s had feuds with just about every Youtube beauty guru. More recently, his public fallout with James Charles escalated to a level we’ve never seen.

Through it all, Jeffree has remained resistant to cancel culture. That is, until now. Jeffree Star Cosmetics and the Jeffree Star collabs are, without a doubt, some of Morphe’s best sellers. Morphe is also undoubtedly, Jeffree Star Cosmetics’s biggest retail distributor. We’ll have see what impact this has on both brands.

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