The popular Kendall by Kylie Cosmetics collection has been restocked. The Kendall by Kylie Cosmetics collection has seven products (pictures below):

  • The Kendall by Kylie Cosmetics collection has its own Lip Blush Kit, which is a lip liner and matte lipstick duo. The Lip Blush Kit shade is called Sister Sister, which is rosy mauve. It’s priced at $26.
  • The Kendall by Kylie Cosmetics collection also has its own signature High Gloss. High Gloss is a lip gloss. The High Gloss shade is called Can I Borrow That? which is sheer berry. It’s priced at $16.
  • Kendall Pressed Powder Palette is a 15-pan eyeshadow palette. It’s priced at $42 and has a combo of matte and metallic shades:
    • Model Energy (matte vanilla)
    • November 3 (metallic peach champagne with gold pinpoints)
    • Twice The Ice (metallic icy beige)
    • I’m Telling Mom (matte midtone tangerine)
    • To the Moon and Back (metallic vibrant green with silver sparkle)
    • Cup of Tea (matte medium brown)
    • You’re Tiny and Cute (matte dusty mauve)
    • Runs in the Family (matte vibrant yellow)
    • Thicker Than Water (matte neon orange)
    • Here Kenny Kenny (matte lime green with silver sparkle)
    • Brunettes Do it Best (matte cool tone brown)
    • Love You Sister (matte rose terracotta)
    • Loyal (matte warm brown)
    • Scorpio Energy (matte cherry pink)
    • Name a More Iconic Duo (matte pastel lilac)
  • Kendall Face Stick Trio is a blush, bronzer, and highlighter trio. The bronzer shade is called Act Natural and is a cool taupe. The blush shade is called Runway and is a warm rose. The highlighter, or Kylight as Kylie calls it, is called Spotlight and is an icy champagne.
  • Everything Everywhere Gloss is a sheer gel gloss with shimmering copper, hot pink, and rose gold pearls. It claims it will give you the all too-popular glass skin effect. Everything Everywhere Gloss is priced at $18.
  • Translucent Blotting Powder is powder compact to help you get rid of excess oil and touch up your makeup throughout the day. Translucent Blotting Powder is priced at $24.

The collection also has three bundles:

  • Kendall Lip Kit and High Gloss has the lip kit and high gloss in one pack. It’s priced at $40.
  • Kendall Collection Bundle has everything and is priced at $155.
  • Kendall Collection Signed PR Box has everything and is signed by the sister duo, Kendall and Kylie. It’s priced at $31o.

What do you think of the Kendall by Kylie Cosmetics collection? Let us know in the comments.