Jeffree Star has a new boyfriend. This comes as a surprise because Jeffree said in his latest Youtube video, Addressing Rumors About Me While Testing New Makeup, that he didn’t have a boyfriend but was seeing someone casually. Yet Saturday, Jeffree posted a picture on Instagram with his new mystery boo.

Jeffree captioned the picture saying, Thankful for all the blessings God has brought into my life this year. The internet went into overdrive trying to identify Jeffree’s new boyfriend. Some speculated that Jeffree’s new boo was Big Brother reality star Jozea Flores who was linked with Jeffree earlier this year and was in Jeffree’s Youtube video First Date Doing My Makeup. But fans quickly pointed out that Jozea didn’t have tattoos that matched the ones pictured.

Jeffree turned off the comments on his Instagram post and uploaded a new picture of his boyfriend on Twitter today.

Jeffree Star and His Boyfriend Poolside at Jeffree’s Mansion

Jeffree also showed off his new boo in his Instagram stories.

Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend Instagram Story
Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend Instagram Story

Fans revealed that Jeffree’s new boyfriend is Andre Marhold. Andre Marhold is a 30 year old, 6’7″ undrafted basketball player out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Definitely, not one of the NBA players Jeffree claimed were in his DMs. In college, Andre played a power forward for the Duquesne Dukes basketball team. After college, Andre played ball overseas in Austria and Germany. Andre played Euro ball in hopes that he would one day enter the NBA, but he was never picked up by any teams.

Fans believe that Andre’s Instagram page is @amarxiii, which is now private (but you can see screencaptures here). Allegedly Andre has one child and the child’s mother and a previous ex were both caught off-guard by Andre going public with his relationship with Jeffree Star.

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