There has been some buzz swirling around Jeffree Star’s 2019 robbery incident after some speculated that there are some discrepancies in Jeffree’s story (here are two videos, here and here). For those that don’t remember, last year Jeffree Star claimed $2.5 million dollars worth of makeup was stolen from a Jeffree Star Cosmetics warehouse.

In the video, Jeffree claims that on March 15th burglars broke into a warehouse and stole thousands of Jeffree Star Cosmetics Northern Lights Supreme Frost Pro palettes, thousands of lip liners, five thousand Platinum Pro Ice palettes, and an entire shade of Magic Star Concealer (which, at the time, had not been released).

Jeffree’s been involved in a few scandals the last few months, so of course, the robbery incident resurfaced. Some are speculating that the robbery may have been fake. While others allege that the amount of stolen goods is nowhere near the $2.5 million Jeffree claimed. The buzz around the mysterious burglary grew loud enough that Jeffree decided to address it in his latest video.

In the video, Jeffree claims that the robbery did in fact happen and that 30K units of his Magic Star Concealer were stolen. There’s also a rumor alleging that a LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) report states that the amount stolen was only worth $10K not $2.5 million. Jeffree claims that’s false.

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