James Charles’s merch brand Sisters Apparel has had almost as many ups and downs as the star himself. During its 2017 launch, the Sisters Apparel site crashed on its first day. In 2018, James dropped his merch distro and teamed up with Jeffree Star’s merch company Killer Merch.

That didn’t turn out so well. In May 2019, Jeffree Star’s company Killer Merch cut ties with Sisters Apparel during Jeffree’s heated feud with James. In his Youtube video Hi Sisters, James announced that he switched merchandise partners again. He relaunched Sisters Apparel a month after his split with Killer Merch.

The latest Sisters Apparel collection, Sisterland, also had its share of drama. Many customers complained that they didn’t receive their orders. James addressed the issue in his Instagram story.

Now James is relaunching Sisters Apparel with the Butterfly collection. The Butterfly collection features (pictures below):

  • Cloud Butterfly Hoodie
  • Repeating Butterfly Hoodie
  • Cloud Butterfly Crewneck
  • Cloud Butterfly Shorts
  • Black Butterfly Sweats
  • Cloud Butterfly Sweats
  • Cropped Butterfly Tee
  • Butterfly Tee
  • Butterfly Black Shorts

The Butterfly collection drops Aug 6th on sisters-apparel.com.