As Diddy said, Can’t stop, won’t stop. The James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama has reared its head once again. For those that don’t remember, this all started when Tati Westbrook shared an emotional, yet cryptic, post on her Instagram last year.

In the video, Tati talks about being used to get ahead. She goes on to say, When you do so much for people and not only don’t they return the favor, but they just don’t even see you. Translation: I put you on and now you’re acting brand new. But who did Tati put on? Fans speculated it was James Charles. Tati is an OG beauty Youtuber and has been around since 2010. James, on the other hand, started his channel in 2015. James and Tati have filmed some videos together and appeared pretty close. Tati referred to James in one video as her best friend. Well with friends like these, who needs enemies. Tati posted a 43-minute video dragging bestie James Charles that caused him to lose a whopping 3 million followers. We posted the abridged version because 43 minutes? Um, no. (Plus, the original has since been deleted.)

The video talks about betrayal over what appears to be…gummy bears. Vitamin gummy bears. We’ll explain. So Tati owns a company called Halo Beauty that makes hair and skin vitamins. One of their competitors is SugarBearHair. James posted a video endorsing SugarBearHair’s gummies on his Instagram and that’s what set Tati off. In Tati’s defense, we get it. Friends not supporting your business sucks. But gummy bears? It still makes us laugh. What wasn’t so funny was Tati also accused James Charles of harassment.

Controversial beauty mogul Jeffree Star sided with Tati and went on a Twitter tirade dragging James Charles.

Once the story really got out of control, everyone went on an apology tour. James Charles apologized with the video Tati. Tati came out with her own apology video Why I Did It. But James wasn’t ready to call a truce yet. James didn’t think the apologies went far enough so he aired everyone out in No More Lies.

In the video, James brings the receipts. He shows texts between him and Tati about the SugarBearHair incident. (So you really did ditch your friend over…Coachella tickets?) His texts confirm that he reached out to Tati before posting about SugarBearHair on Instagram. He addressed the harassment allegations and went IN on Jeffree Star.

Feeling the heat, Jeffree Star did his own apology video Never Doing This Again. At this point, everyone was finally ready to move on. Tati tweeted that she didn’t want to talk about it anymore and James agreed.

We thought that the drama was done, but Shane Dawson’s trailer for The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star stirred the pot again. The Youtube docuseries shows behind-the-scenes footage of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s collaboration on the Conspiracy collection. At the end of the trailer, it shows Shane and Jeffree reacting to Tati’s video, James’s video, and Shane watching as James Charles loses millions of followers. The trailer faced a lot of backlash with fans starting a #ShaneDawsonIsOver hashtag. The James Charles drama was then cut from the documentary.

Fast forward to present day, Jeffree Star model Kameron Lester announced that he was cutting ties with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. With the backdrop of Black Lives Matter, Kameron Lester detailed how he experienced tokenism while working with Jeffree Star. He also said that he overheard Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson discussing James Charles. This led gossip Youtube channels to speculate that Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson might have exploited the James Charles drama to help launch Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy collab.

Shane Dawson responded by posting a lengthy Twitter tirade.

In the post, Shane Dawson slammed James and Jeffree as dramatic. He also said that James Charles needed to be served a slice of humble pie. He claimed that the James Charles drama wasn’t planned, but admitted Jeffrey was excited to see him fall. After going in on the entire beauty community, Shane announced that he was quitting the beauty industry.

And that’s where we’re at. We’ll update as more unfolds. Weigh in on the drama in the comments below.