The title is a little facetious, but the statements from James Charles and Morphe sound like an amicable breakup. What did Gwyneth Paltrow call it? Conscious uncoupling, or something like that.

Both Morphe and James Charles released statements on Friday claiming that they’re ending their business relationship. James took time out from his social media sabbatical (we’ll get into that in a second) to break the news on Twitter.

In his tweet, James says, The stories have caused many of my long-term partners to receive considerable negative feedback, one of them being Morphe. I’ve loved every moment working together and am beyond grateful for what we’ve created together. That being said, I reach out to them and we mutually agreed to wind down our James Charles x Morphe collaboration, which is my only project with them.

Morphe followed suit with a statement of their own.

In their statement, Morphe says, In light of the recent allegations against James Charles, Morphe and James Charles have agreed to end our business relationship and wind down sales of the Morphe x James Charles product offering.

Notice the timestamps and wording of both statements. They’re going to wind down their collab. This was clearly a coordinated effort. It reminds us of those statements that celebrity couples release when they split. You know the ones. Respect our privacy and yada yada. Like we said, it sounds like an amicable split.

Just like celeb breakups, we saw this breakup coming from a mile away. James has been in hot water for the last few months after a minor accused James of sending him inappropriate messages. In a statement, James denied initial knowledge of the accuser’s age and claims he cut off all contact after learning the accuser was underaged.

More accusers came forward with similar stories. Many on social media, including other influencers, were calling for James to be held accountable. James didn’t initially address the social media outrage. But when the heat didn’t die down, James finally talked about it on his Youtube channel. In a short video, James admitted to his actions, explained the reasoning behind them, and said he was taking a break from social media to reflect.

Even with James gone, the outrage didn’t stop. Many called out Morphe for their business relationship with James. So James came back from his social media sabbatical and mutually agreed with Morphe to part ways.

James’s split from Morphe comes after three years. The Morphe x James Charles collection launched in November 2018. James gushed about the project on Twitter.

Morphe James Charles

James said, I’ve never been more proud of any project in my entire life. It sold out almost instantly. James tweeted that it was the biggest sales day in Morphe history.

Morphe James Charles

The Morphe x James Charles was restocked again in December 2018 and sold out again.

Morphe James Charles

Morphe x James Charles was restocked for a third time in early 2019 before selling out in under 10 minutes. There’s also the mini Morphe x James Charles palette, which didn’t go over quite as well as the original palette and brush collection. We imagine Morphe has accumulated a lot of stock to keep up with the demand. So if you’re expecting Morphe x James Charles products to disappear, don’t hold your breath.

We’ve seen this before with Morphe. They vowed in July 2020 to end their business relationship with Jeffree Star. Although Morphe x Jeffree Star products aren’t on Morphe’s website, some claim to have seen them in TJ Maxx stores. And it appears they’ve offloaded some of their inventory on Amazon too. Morphe has been cutting off things with Jeffree Star for almost a year. If that’s any indication, we can expect that Morphe will be winding down things with James for quite a while.

How long do you think this wind down will last? We’re guessing at least a year. Let us know what you think in the comments.