Jackie Aina announced on Twitter that she deactivated her Morphe discount code. This news comes after Tati Westbrook outed Jeffree Star as a co-owner of Morphe. (Although, Morphe has denied that claim.)

For those that don’t remember, Jackie and Jeffree having been beefing for YEARS. It all started with Jackie’s Anti-Haul video.

In the video, Jackie talked about brands she won’t be buying. One of them was Jeffree Star Cosmetics. She said that she wouldn’t be supporting the brand because Jeffree never apologized for making anti-black comments. After the video, Jackie claimed that Jeffree blocked her.

Jeffree, of course, fired back.


Jackie said that Jeffree was showing his true colors and hadn’t changed at all.

They went back and forth on Twitter until Jeffree finally addressed his past in the video Racism. In the video, Jeffree talked about recordings that show him using racial slurs and apologized. The drama between him and Jackie died down.

That was until Jeffree’s hair stylist, Daved Munoz, exposed him. Daved revealed messages between him and Jeffree that showed that Jeffree not only called Jackie a gorilla but was also still using the N-word.

Jackie responded with an open letter to Jeffree Star.

Jeffree claimed it was all fake news and didn’t address Jackie. As far as we know, Jeffree still hasn’t apologized to Jackie so it’s not surprising that she’s cutting ties with the brand affiliated with him.

Will these two ever make up? Let us know what you think in the comments.