Some are speculating that Jeffree Star is trying to steal a little shine away from Jackie Aina on her big day. Jackie Aina released her candle and self-care brand Forvr Mood on Aug 10th. Jeffree Star endorsed another up-and-coming candle brand in his Instagram Stories.

Video Credit: Hereforthetea2

In the video, Jeffree hypes up an indie candle brand and claims that he was unaware that there was a whole community of candle lovers. (Has he never heard of the Bath & Body Works annual candle sale?) Some argued that the timing of Jeffree’s video was a little too convenient and claim he was trying to take attention away from Jackie Aina’s launch day. While we can’t say that for sure, the two beauty stars definitely have a long-running history.

Back in 2017, Jackie Aina did an anti-haul video and called out Jeffree’s brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, as a brand she would not buy. After the video, Jackie claims that Jeffree blocked her.

Jeffree, on the other hand, claims that Jackie had been blocked for some time.

Jeffree Star Jackie Aina Tweet

This led to an ugly Twitter spat between the two Youtube beauty stars. Things got worse in 2018, when Jeffree’s ex-hairstylist revealed that Jeffree had called Jackie a gorilla in their text messages. Many viewed that as a racial slur. After learning about Jeffree’s texts, Jackie wrote an open letter to Jeffree Star on Twitter.

Things heated up again this year, when Tati claimed that Jeffree Star was a co-owner of the cult-favorite beauty brand Morphe. Over 5 years, Jeffree has released multiple collabs with Morphe and they were a major retail distributor for his brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The news that Jeffree not only worked with Morphe but also might have ownership was a little too much for Jackie and she broke ties with the brand. Under pressure from major influencers such as Jackie and social media, Morphe officially cut ties with Jeffree last month.

Seeing as how Jackie Aina may have played a part in Morphe’s decision, it’s possible that Jeffree might have been taking revenge on Jackie Aina on her launch day. Regardless, Jackie Aina’s brand Forvr Mood did sell out of its candles within hours of its launch.

Was Jeffree trying to taking a shot at Jackie Aina? Let us know what you think in the comments.