People are speculating that James Charles took a shot at Jeffree Star after he tweeted this:

James Charles Jeffree Star Shane Dawson tweet

In the tweet, James says It’s so liberating when people finally start to see what you’ve been seeing all along. Some are claiming that James is talking about Jeffree Star. A little background info for those that don’t know. Jeffree Star fell out with gal pal Trisha Paytas. Allegedly, Jeffree and his friends invited Trisha on vacation and acted like Mean Girls. They haven’t spoken since. Trisha is also mad at Shane for picking his friendship with Jeffree over her.

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James knows all about beefing with Jeffree and Shane. In 2019, Jeffree Star made some bizarre claims about James on Twitter. James debunked Jeffree’s claims in his video No More Lies. Later on that year, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson released a documentary about their Conspiracy collaboration. In the documentary trailer, there was a clip showing Jeffree and Shane reacting to the James Charles drama. Many speculated that Jeffree and Shane were using the James Charles drama to sell their Conspiracy collaboration. Then in 2020, Tati Westbrook stirred the pot again. She claimed that Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson goaded her into feuding with James. She claimed that they orchestrated the whole thing. For some, this confirmed that Jeffree and Shane were trying to ruin James’s career.

Now that yet another high-profile influencer is calling Jeffree’s behavior out, some are claiming that James’s tweet is a sign that he feels vindicated.

We just have one question though. Why now? James had all the opportunity in the world to badmouth Jeffree and Shane when Dramageddon was at its height last year, but he didn’t. He refused to comment on Jeffree at all. And when asked by a paparazzi whether he thought Shane deserved a second chance, he said this:

In the video, James said that it should be looked at on a case-by-case basis to make sure they’re changing. That’s a pretty diplomatic answer. Despite being the center of the drama, James surprised us all by staying out of it.

On the Impaulsive podcast, James said in his earlier days he beefed for attention but he was done doing that. Since that interview, James has gone on to beef with everyone from Lauren Conrad and Alicia Keys to rapper AsianDaBrat. Basically, everyone not named Jeffree Star.

So has James had yet another change of heart? Does James want smoke with Jeffree? Let us know what you think in the comments.