James Charles is in hot water after tweets from a minor emerged on Twitter. James responded with this tweet:

This is not the first time that James has been accused of acting inappropriately. In 2019, Tati Westbrook accused James of acting inappropriately toward a guy at her birthday party in Seattle (video below is timestamped).

Jeffree Star hopped on Twitter and added on a few accusations of his own. (In hindsight, we learned last year that Jeffree also has a thing for men that identify as straight.)

Jeffree Star James Charles tweet

James squashed those rumors in his video No More Lies. Afterwards, Tati and Jeffree backed off and apologized to James.

Last year, Jeffree reiterated his claims against James on a podcast episode of Momma’s Basement, before backing off again in his video Doing What’s Right. During the podcast, Jeffree claimed that he had a recording proving James’s inappropriate behavior. He later retracted and insinuated that he didn’t have any first-hand knowledge of the accusation. In the video he says, Did I speak on things I shouldn’t have [spoke] on? Of course I did. Did I believe certain things instead of asking the source? Did I get caught up in the hype? And did I not just simply call James Charles and ask questions myself?

Since proving his innocence during Dramageddon 2.0, rumors about James’s behavior have gone largely ignored. James has come out of each situation unscathed. But now, the calls to cancel James Charles have grown.

Some are questioning why James doesn’t date other celebrities. Or why he doesn’t date people his age. James was very open about his dating life in a recent interview on the podcast Impaulsive.

This isn’t James’s first time trying to date someone he met through social media. On the show, James dished that he was hooking up with another TikTok star who identified as straight. (We’re guessing that didn’t work out.) James also revealed that he’s not attracted to older guys. James said, I’m not really attracted to older guys, which sucks. Like I would date the absolute youngest, like 18, 19 that looks a little bit older. Or 24 that has a young personality. James was 21 at the time of the podcast. James divulged that he’s had a thing for straight guys in the past. He also vented that TikTok boys he’s attracted to don’t have money, aren’t looking for a relationship, or are straight guys who only want to hook up. We learned a lot about James from the podcast so his latest scandal is unsurprising.

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