Some are saying that Amanda Ensing is taking a shot fellow Youtuber Jaclyn Hill after she tweeted this:

We hope not. Other than the lipstick drama, Jaclyn truly minds her own business. Amanda, on the other hand, has been mired with drama for the past several months. For those unfamiliar with Amanda’s theatrics, Amanda released a series of videos and tweets about her political views.

About current leadership, Amanda had this to say:

Amanda also deleted an inappropriate tweet about the current President. Based on her tweet to Gabriel (not the communist part), you can guess the topic. In the wake of the Capitol riot, Amanda deleted one of her tweets about 1776.

Well, Sephora got wind of Amanda’s antics and severed their business ties with her. Unhappy about her canceled sponsorship, Amanda unleashed a Twitter storm on Sephora.

Amanda capitalized on the drama by releasing a brand.

But Make Makeup Great Again isn’t a makeup brand. It’s shirts and hats. According to Amanda, her actual makeup brand will be released later this year.

Throughout this spectacle, Amanda has beefed with several influencers including Manny MUA Jackie Aina, Makeup Shayla, Gabriel Zamora, and Alissa Ashley. Now she’s allegedly beefing with Jaclyn.

Is Amanda really taking a shot at Jaclyn? Let us know what you think in the comments.