UPDATE (August 24, 2020 6:30 P.M. EST): Jeffree Star is no longer seeing Jozea Flores. Click here to read about Jeffree’s new boyfriend.


We’ve learned so much about Jeffree Star’s love life these last few months. First, there was his split from longtime boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. Nathan and Jeffrey were together for 5 years. Their split came shortly after they moved into a $14.6 million dollar mansion together. After announcing their breakup, fans noted that Jeffrey changed the title of one of his videos from Surprising My Boyfriend with His Dream Car to Pretending to Surprise My Ex-Boyfriend with His Dream Car.

While the reasons for their split are unknown, there were rumors that Nathan left Jeffree for a woman. Jeffree quickly slammed those rumors by tweeting that Nathan was still spending time with him.

While we don’t know if Nathan is dating anyone, Jeffree let us know that he has options. He tweeted that a few NBA players have slid into his DMs. So it really does go down in the DM, huh?

Flexing those options yet again, Jeffree shared his first date with Big Brother star Jozea Flores on his Youtube chanel.

In the video, Jozea does Jeffree’s makeup to help him get ready for their first date. What do we think beauties? Do you think there will be a second date? Let us know in the comments!