We posted last year that there will be a season 2 of the Youtube reality series Instant Influencer. Instant Influencer is a competition hosted by James Charles, in which beauty influencers compete for a cash prize, film equipment, and a collaboration with James. James excitedly announced the new season on Twitter after season 1 wrapped in June.

Who can forget the drama swirling around James at the time? While James was enjoying the success of his hit reality series, Jeffree Star faced backlash over allegations. A former Jeffree Star Cosmetics model alleged that he overheard Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson discussing James Charles. This led to speculation that Jeffree Star instigated Tati Westbrook’s feud with James Charles. (Tati would go on to confirm those rumors a week later.) James Charles came out smelling like roses. And money, thanks to the new Youtube contract. Nikita Dragun, who made a guest appearance on Instant Influencer, joked that James was an Uno reverse card.

Unfortunately for James, things have reversed course yet again. A source spoke to Variety and confirmed that James will not be in Instant Influencer Season 2. According to Variety, the Youtube spokesperson didn’t provide a reason. James has yet to respond.

This news comes after allegations that James was inappropriately messaging a minor. We’re not sure if the two are related but we’ll keep you updated. We’re pretty sure that we’ll see some passive-aggressive or not-so-subtle gloating messages soon.

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