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[We’re] In before everyone starts deleting! (Because you know they will.) Beauty influencer and Youtube personality Amanda Ensing has been getting some backlash over her political views the past few months. (Yes, months.) After the presidential election, she released a series of videos on Youtube discussing her political and religious beliefs.

In the video, Amanda shares that she feels she was given her platform to serve a higher purpose. She also shared that she feels connected to the character Esther from the Bible.

According to Amanda, fellow beauty guru Manny MUA mocked her religion in the comment section of one of his recent TikTok videos.

Amanda called out Manny MUA in her Instagram Stories. Some of the highlights include her insinuating that Manny made questionable remarks about Michelle Obama.

In the video, Amanda says Weren’t you the one that posted a Zoom call with Michelle Obama and you were surprised that she was actually well spoken and intelligent? We assume she’s talking about this video. Here’s what Manny actually said:

In the caption for the Instagram video, Manny said the former First Lady Michelle Obama was just as amazing as i knew she’d be: funny, smart, beautiful and so well spoken!

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In another video, Amanda took jabs at Manny and other beauty gurus.

In the video she says, We’ve all seen all the drama that happened the last couple years in the beauty industry. And it’s always the same people and the same drama, And most of them don’t even like each other. They pretend to be friends for clout or for followers and it’s all fake.

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