We don’t know about you, but we have a love-hate relationship with glitter nail polish. It can be outdated, cringe-worthy, and when done yourself, messy! But during the holidays, wearing glitter nails is pretty much ritualistic. We found four designs that might be the answer to the beautiful mess that is glitter nails. And they won’t give off auntie vibes, we promise.

You’ll definitely steal the spotlight with this look. To recreate it, you will need solid silver glitter nail polish along with a liner brush. Apply the polish on the tips and side of each nail using the liner brush. To finish, apply top coat polish.

Glitter Nail Art

This glitter nail art design is irresistible and super easy to recreate. All you need is silver glitter polish and metallic flake topper. Apply the silver glitter nail polish on the tips of your nails. Clean up the lines and excess polish with acetone and a brush. Next, apply the metallic flake topper. You can do a single or double coat of the topper. It’s up to you how much consistency you need. To finish up, apply top coat polish.

Glitter Nail Art

 This glitter nail art makes a statement. For her glitter nail art, @nailsbyravi_ used Brillbird UK’s Hypnotic Gel in Diamond 143⁣. To recreate this look, use nude pink polish such as Glossify’s Naturabuild Nude or The GelBottle Inc’s BIAB 19 as your base color. After that, utilize the liner brush and glitter polish such as Brillbird UK’s Hypnotic Gel to draw swirls. Last, apply top coat polish.

Glitter Nail Art

The glitter in this look is so subtle. We’re tempted to use this look year round. For her glitter nail art, @annagracenails_ used Glossify’s Naturabuild Nude and Bright White. She also used FUN Laqcquer’s Diamond Dust. To recreate this look, you’ll need nude pink, white, and glitter polishes along with a liner brush. First, apply the nude nail polish as your base color. On top of that, apply a glitter polish like FUN Lacquer’s Diamond Dust. Use a liner brush and a white polish of your choice to draw swirls. To finish up, apply top coat polish.

Glitter Nail Art

Are you rocking glitter nail art for the holidays? Let us know in the comments.