James Charles went on the Impaulsive podcast with hosts Logan Paul, Spencer Taylor and Mike Majlak and shared about his private life. Here are 3 things we learned.

James is a straight-up nerd

James revealed that, back in the day, he was really good at coding. He also likes math and problem solving. He confessed that his favorite channel to watch is Kurzgesagt, which is a popular Youtube channel that discusses everything from science to conspiracy theories. So basically James is a walking encyclopedia of random facts, who does a great cut crease on the side, of course.

James doesn’t like to drink

Not even mimosas, James? Really? James confessed that his first time being drunk was while filming his Drunk Makeup Tutorial video for his Youtube channel. James clarified that he’s not a prude. He’s had shots, wine, and beer before but he just doesn’t like the taste of it. We can’t relate. Mimosas and bellinis for brunch are our favorite.

James is ready to settle down

James has had a lot of trouble finding the right guy. Some of it has been a lot more public than he’d like. James talked about a guy flying out to Coachella to meet him after months of talking, only to use James for followers. We’re assuming he’s talking about the Gage Gomez incident. James also talked about having an on-again-off-again fling with a TikToker. He said that at his age, 21, it’s hard to find anyone that wants a relationship. James said he’s ready to settle down with someone in his brand new home.

Another small tidbit we took away from the interview is James is not looking to flex like another popular beauty guru. James had a not-shade-but-shade moment. When asked about his spending habits, James said that he’s not going to go out and buy like 8 different Lambos [Lamborghinis] in all different colors of the rainbow. Hmm, who has a bunch of rainbow-colored Lambos?

The hosts didn’t catch that shade but we did! James said he’s staying out of drama, so we’re going to assume this was a Freudian slip. Let us know what you think in the comments.