Soft glam looks have been trending since the beginning of this year with many influencers adding tutorials on how to get the look on YouTube. What soft glam is seems to depend on the makeup artist or influencer. We like to think of it as nude tones and winged eyeliner. Here’s 25 soft glam looks you could try.

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I wish I had the ability to share more of myself, my personality and my life with you. But I have a crippling fear of being vulnerable. When I’m vulnerable I’m open and when I’m open I’m at risk of being hurt. I hope you understand that I’m not consciously putting up walls to keep you out. I cope by hiding myself away from the world. I’m doing it out of necessity to protect myself and whatever strength I have left within me. This also explains why I’ve been so absent. This past week has been the worst. People may assume that someone in my position has it all together. That my life is perfect. And from the outside looking in, it may seem that way. But all my life I’ve learned to suffer in silence. And I think, why am I bearing my torment in silence? Why do we always act as if we’re not suffering? I have slowly learned that by silencing myself, I’m giving away my power. I no longer want to be silenced whenever I’m enduring through suffering and humiliation. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. It plays into the hand of the oppressor, never the oppressed. I cry everyday. I am faced with some form of hurt or abuse every day. The feeling of joy is constantly ripped from me. I am ignored, belittled, abused, ridiculed, taunted, rejected and humiliated by the ones who I love. This has driven me to reflect the same opinions of myself that are projected onto me. Because, isn’t it the ones closest to you who know you the best? I struggle to value myself. I fight my mind, tooth and nail, to see anything other than what I am told I am. I’m trapped in a realm where I see myself through the eyes of my abusers. I know it’s difficult to be a friend to someone who has any sort of issues (mental or not). But you are my true family and I hope I’m not silly in asking some of you to be a friend to me, to lend your strength and help guide me. And if you’re someone going through something yourself, I’d be more than happy to be a friend to you too. I love you 💗 —————————————————————————— (My life is a work in progress. I’m seeing a psychologist. I’m investing in building a positive environment for myself and my future. This is my light at the end of the tunnel)

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